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Dear Friends,
Holiday greetings from Gettysburg! Dale & I send you our best wishes for a holiday season filled with cheer.

Here are some ideas to help you with your holiday shopping. Give us a call if you would like something special & we will custom frame & personalize it for you.



150th Anniversary of Civil War Battles

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150th Anniversary Civil War Battles showing Shiloe, Antietam, & Gettysburg.

Framed Size: 17” x 36”
Price: $250.00 Framed

Personalize Your Gift

Dale will be happy to sign the glass with a gold pen (no additional cost for this)

A sample dedication: To Don Best Wishes Dale Gallon Gettysburg

Add your dedication request to the comments section or call us at 717 334-8666.

Dale Gallon's 3 days of Gettysburg - The perfect gift for a Civil War Buff

This framed work displays 6 mini images. Each image, one Union & one Confederate from each of the three days in the battle, tells the story of the fight. A map denotes the actual location of each of the paintings on the Gettysburg Battlefield & a synopsis of the battle is also included.

Price: $350.00 Framed
Framed Size: 40" x 27"

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150th Anniversary

Dale’s newest image of Pickett’s Charge commemorates the 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg.


What a great gift idea for your Civil War fan!

Available in four sizes:

Limited Edition Print

Framed Size: 25" x 40"

Large Giclee

Framed Size: 28" x 48"

Mini Print

Framed Size: 10" x 15"

Small Giclee

Framed Size: 20" x 32"

Doubles - $185.00 Framed

Framed Size: 14 1/2" x 20 1/2" - Click to View All Double Minis

History CD
Buford at Gettysburg
History CD
Meade & Lee

Bayonet! Forward Puzzle
Hancock at Gettysburg
Bayonet! Forward Puzzle
20th Maine &
15th Alabama

Minis - $95.00 Framed

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Old Pete
Old Pete

Framed Size: 15 ½" x 11"

Hold at all cost - mini
Hold at all Costs

Framed Size: 9 ½" x 11 1/2"

The Railroad Cut
The Railroad Cut

Framed Size: 15 ½" x 11"

Double Canister
Double Canister

(Longstreet at Antietam)
Framed Size: 15 ½ " x 11"


Framed Size: 14 ½" x 12"

20th Maine & 15th Alabama
20th Maine & 15th Alabama

Framed Size: 15 ½" x 11"

Gift Certificate
Gift Certificate
Fightin' Irish T-Shirt
Chamberlain T-Shirt
Dale Gallon Book
Dale Gallon Paperback
Book - $12.00
Click to View All CDs - $16.99
History CD
History of the Battle
of Gettysburg CD
History CD
Songs of the
Civil War

(Piano Music)
T-Shirt - Fight'n Irish
Fight'n Irish T-Shirt
Gallon Historical Art Book
Gallon Leatherbound Art and History Book

size: 9½" x 12½" - $125.00
Click to view all books
Click to View Mousepad - $15.00
Armistead Mousepad
Armistead Mousepad

Some gallery pictures taken by our friend Andy Jurcak on Remembrance Day in Gettysburg.

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