Limited Edition Prints
Each limited edition print is numbered and signed by Dale Gallon.

Starting in late 2000, Mr. Gallon has released a giclée version of each print. Giclées are now available for purchase online. Learn more about giclées here.

Artist Proofs and Publisher Proofs
When a print is published there are 50 prints reserved for the artist in a separate edition. These are considered to be the artist's personal property and are called artist proofs. Mr. Gallon has agreed to offer these to his collectors, so artist proofs are available for each print.

Publisher Proofs are the property of the publisher, but since Mr. Gallon owns his own publishing company, Lower March Creek Press, he also offers a limited number of 50 publisher proofs for sale.

The cost of either the artist or publisher proof is $100 more than the public edition.

Mini Prints
Gallon mini prints are printed on the same high quality paper as the limited edition prints, but they are not signed and numbered.

Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing artist proof or publisher proof.

All Gallon prints are available framed with three mats. You may choose either a paper or suede top mat. All Union prints are framed with a navy blue top mat and Confederate prints are framed with a grey top mat. If both Union and Confederate troops are featured in the print, a blue top mat is used. Please contact us if you have a special request.

Standard framing includes a suede top mat, your choice of gold, dark cherry or medium brown oak frame. A brass plate showing the title of the print and the artist's name is attached to each frame.

Custom framing options include paper top mats, US or CSA patches and brass corners (available only on oak and cherry frames). Please contact us if you would like your print custom-framed.

Basic Framing Prices:
Framed (Oak, Gold or Cherry) with suede top mat - $195

Custom Framing Prices:
Framed (Oak, Gold or Cherry) with paper top mat - $160
Patches (US or CSA) - $35 each
Brass Corners (Oak and Cherry frames only) - $35 per set of four

Please feel free contact us for more information about these and other custom framing options.





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