What is in a Gallon

What is in a Gallon

What is in a Gallon

Gallon images are available in many versions:

What is in a Gallon

Limited Editions

These are signed & numbered personally by Dale. A historical essay & documentation sheet accompanies each limited edition.

Limited Edition Paper Prints

A Limited Edition Paper Print is an edition of prints sequentially numbered and personally signed by Dale, having a stated number in the edition. They are printed on 120 lb paper using museum quality inks. This can be purchased framed or unframed. When a print is published there are 50 prints reserved for the artist in a separate edition. These are considered to be the artist’s personal property & are called Artist Proofs. Dale sells a limited number of these proofs. The price of an AP is $100 more than the public edition. Please contact us with interest in an artist proof.

Limited Edition Canvas Giclées

Giclées (pronounced ghee-clay) is a digitally printed canvas that has the look of an original oil painting. In the giclée printing process, original artwork is reproduced by spraying fine streams of ink onto canvas using the Roland Hi-Fi Jet Printer. This process creates canvas prints with a higher resolution & a greater dynamic color range than other common printing processes. A Gallon giclée is framed like an original without glass with a wide frame. Also, Dale can paint on the canvas to "Enhance" it. Giclées are larger or smaller than the limited edition prints and are never the same size as the original. They are in a very limited edition (never over 100) & are signed and numbered by Dale.

Open Editions

An Open Edition is not signed or numbered by Dale & can be reproduced in the future unlike a limited edition. All Gallon open editions are printed on the same high quality acid free paper as the limited editions - they are not made from a calendar.


Gallon sketches are black & white pencil sketches. Also available by request is a colored limited edition of 200 hand colored by Dale. The price for the hand-colored version is $495 framed. Please contact us for more information. This can be purchased framed or unframed.


Gallon mini prints are available in paper or canvas. All mini prints are sold framed only.

  • Paper Minis – Printed on the same high quality paper as the limited edition prints, but they are much smaller and are not signed by Dale.
  • Canvas Minis – Printed on canvas and are the same quality as the larger signed & numbered canvas giclees, but they are much smaller. The Canvas mini image is usually twice the size of the paper mini.

Gettysburg times

Click here to read Taking Care of Business in Adams County, an article published in the Gettysburg Times, October 5, 2013, about Gallon Historical Art.

Current Price List

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Mr. Gallon,

The video I recently received in your e-mail was outstanding. I had just come back from Gettysburg in mid April and a visit to your gallery. Seeing Mr. Courtney in the video after having a brief conversation with him then was also an additional treat.

Three years ago I bought one of your paintings as a lasting tribute to my mother and father who brought me to the battlefield on so many occasions. The painting hangs prominently in my study along with other family treasures recalling my youth.

The Gallon print I own has more than simply the thought of your work but of family. You take the time to stop what you're working on and speak to me, my son and brother every single year. As I earlier alluded to Mr. Courtney was also extremely polite so you choose your friends wisely. You are more than and artist because you project yourself in a manner that creates these guilty feelings and this is a great attribute. The work you do is fantastic but it is the approachable demeanor that brings me back and completes the gift that hangs in my house.

Thank You
— David M. Schwob, Charlotte, NC

"Many of our friends have asked why we chose your work when there are so many artists to choose from. Our response is that we appreciate your historical accuracy. We recognize that a tremendous amount of research goes into every one of your pieces. The landmarks in your work are actual places we can walk to. this allows us to view the battlefield from the perspective of the subjects of your work. Through your paintings, we have gained a greater understanding of the Battle of Gettysburg. You've made it come alive."
— Robert J. Marten, A Gallon Collector

"...then I thought about why I collect Gallon art. I came to some simple conclusions: I like the cap of the edition size, I like the fact that every time I buy a Gallon print I am getting a history lesson as well as something beautiful, & I appreciate the amount of research that goes into the making of every one of Dale's prints."
— Rich, A Gallon Collector

Hello Anne,

I wanted to thank you so much for your assistance in getting me started with my Civil War art collection. My brother (Chris Profitt) and I really enjoyed talking with you and visiting your studio there in Gettysburg.

The 4 bust by Ron Tunison arrived back home with us in fine condition - you are a wonderful packer!

UPS delivered my first painting "Expecting a Battle" on Thursday and it arrived wonderfully as well. I am excited by the prospect of 6 more paintings arriving over the coming months.

I got all my pictures developed of our Gettysburg trip and I am enclosing two photos for you: one of you and me and one of me and my brother. Chris had never visited Gettysburg before and he said he had even more fun than he had imagined he would.

— Sheryl
Anne Gallon on Rememberance Day 2009 Anne Gallon - Remembrance Day Gallon print presented to President George W. Bush by US Army War College in Carlisle, PA This Dale Gallon print was given to President George W. Bush by the U.S. Army War College in Carlisle, PA Summer 2009: Leonards from Iowa Leonards from Iowa In the Gallery with Sculptor Ron Tunison, Laura Nell, Anne & Dale Gallon In the Gallery with Sculptor Ron Tunison, Laura Nell, Anne & Dale Gallon Dale Gallon and LTG Longstreet signing Old PeteDale Gallon and LTG Longstreet signing "Old Pete"