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Gettysburg, PA November 18th, 1863 6PM President Abraham Lincoln arrives at the railroad station for the dedication of the National Cemetery the following day.

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Battle of Ridgefield, CT - Anniversary Images


Dale’s comments through the years…

1986:  “The Civil War was the crossroads in our life as a nation.  It was ‘the crossroads of our being.’  Collecting my work is one way to participate in the history of this never ending story.”

1991:  “The Commanders is a series of paintings that I have done as a personal tribute to the men of both sides who took the responsibility for command.”

1996: I feel my work tells a story of the great battles fought here at Gettysburg and at other areas of the country during our nation’s Civil War.  Since I work from “primary source” material, each painting is its own history lesson.  I pride myself on the accuracy of the scenes.  Each image is documented to have taken place not only in location, but time of day and weather conditions as well.  Combining my love of painting with my passion for history is most rewarding.”

1999: “I would like to clear the dust from these great events that lie forgotten.”  

2005:  “It has been my honor to portray through my art the history of this great nation.”

2018:  “I want to thank you, the collector, for increasing the awareness of your friends to this period of our great country’s history.  I find it most gratifying that the Civil War is becoming increasingly popular and more people are collecting my work.”

Comments from Wayne Motts, Former Gallon HistorianAbout The Civil War Art of Dale Gallon…

They say an image is worth a thousand words and that could not be truer for the study of the American Civil War.  During four decades of work, Gettysburg’s Dale Gallon has meticulously, accurately, and prolifically captured moment after moment on his canvas related to our nation’s past. Living in the Civil War’s most famous town, Dale had the whole battlefield as his laboratory. Living within an easy drive of most of the war’s significant actions, walking the fields and studying the actual battle site of the subjects he chose to portray became his normal routine.

It is very rare for images during the Civil War to document action so like the artists of more than 150 years ago. Dale Gallon applied his brush and talents to record what these significant moments must have looked like all those years ago. In vivid color, the dramatic actions of the war are brought to life for all to appreciate.

Throughout the years, Dale consulted and employed many trained experts, advisors, and historians to aid him in making his work as historically accurate as possible. For a decade, it was my distinct honor to be one of these fortunate individuals as staff historian of Dale Gallon Historical Art. Attention to detail was the order of the day and no stone in researching the historical content of these paintings was left unturned. 

Wayne E. Motts, Former Staff Historian Dale Gallon Historical Art
CEO, The National Civil War Museum Harrisburg, PA
Licensed Battlefield Guide, Gettysburg National Military Park 

Comments from Gallon Collectors thru the years…

Dale Gallon was selected by the producers of the motion picture Gettysburg as the Official Artist for the Commemorative Print presented to the volunteer Reenactors for their participation in the making of this Civil War epic.

“We appreciate Dale’s historical accuracy.  We recognize that a tremendous amount of research goes into every one of his pieces.  The landmarks in his work are actual places we can walk to.  This allows us to view the battlefield from the perspective of the subjects of your work.  Through your paintings we have gained a greater understanding of the Battle of Gettysburg.  You’ve made the Civil War come alive,”
…Robert Martin, a Gallon Collector

The power of the conflict of the Civil War is what Dale Gallon has pursued in his masterful portfolio of paintings and limited edition prints.  I collect them!
…Bill Klionzes, a Gallon Collector

It is said that great things can be accomplished if a person contains a passion for its cause.  Dale has that passion and his artistic ability allows him to share it with others.
…Donald Smith,  a Gallon Collector

It is through Dale’s art that America’s history is kept alive and well.
…Peter Kabuz a Gallon Collector

Dale’s art stands in a class of its own – for the collector who seeks historical accuracy.
…Abe Johnson,  a Gallon Collector

Dale Gallon is a true contribution to American history.

I currently possess and treasure several originals, including a few commissioned.  I acquired the first original with my late father and late younger brother on our last trip together to Gettysburg back in the early 2000’s.  Thinking of the battles these brave soldiers endured compared with my own personal tragedies helped me put it all into perspective.

I proudly tour my extensive collection to people of all ages.  I am especially proud of enlightening our younger generation who, by and large, unfortunately has very little knowledge of our American history. Dale’s attention to detail and strict adherence to historical accuracy are what make him and these works of art so invaluable.  Each painting depicts a moment in time that every American should understand and respect the significance of; Dale brings that to life.  The sacrifices these men endured are jaw-dropping!  Without Dale’s skills, I am confident the emotion would be lost, or at best, less than!

Over the years, I established a friendship not only with Dale but with his wife, Anne Gallon.  We spent countless hours over the phone as we coordinated the acquisitions of my prized possessions.  While Dale is busy at his craft, Anne is diligent in coordinating all the details and is always a pleasure to work with.  Her professionalism is in lockstep with Dale’s extraordinary abilities. 

My current challenge is I have now run out of wall space.  My wife of 30 years, Carolyn, and I are actively engaged in a construction project consisting of reclaimed wood and a wide range of early American artifacts.  Our plans are to hang the artwork in the quintessential 19th century setting of a barn house on our northern New England farm.  We are literally designing the space and structure around Dale’s paintings.

Incidentally, I proudly display and treasure the hand-signed prints in my place of business, which is a high traffic retail environment open to the public. 

God Bless Dale and Anne Gallon for their part in helping tell the time in history where American was held in the balance.  I believe honest historians help shape our culture; the Gallons are no exception.  In a day and age where people read less, the visual artwork is that much more essential.  This is especially critical when you hear and see what is going on in today’s society.

God Bless America.

…Robert E Crabtree Jr., a Gallon Collector

A note to Dale from John Jakes, author of North & South books.
President George W. Bush receiving a Gallon print, Whiskey Rebellion Washington at Carlisle.
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