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Gettysburg, PA November 18th, 1863 6PM President Abraham Lincoln arrives at the railroad station for the dedication of the National Cemetery the following day.

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Battle of Ridgefield, CT - Anniversary Images
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Here you can find out more about the many happenings with Gallon Historical Art and Dale Gallon.

View this video with Dale’s comments about “Breakthrough at Brotherton Farm”

Dale's newest release Breakthrough at Brotherton Farm depicting Longstreet’s Corps at Chickamauga will be available in a few weeks. Read More »

Dale Gallon’s Comments on “Christmas Surprise 1776 Washington before Trenton”

Dale’s newest release Christmas Surprise 1776 Washington before Trenton. I have often wondered about the logistics of Washington’s famous crossing before Trenton.  The painting by Leutze in 1851 showing Washington standing in the boat was a fantasy.  The reality was that the crossing on the 25th & 26th of December 1776 was at night in bad weather.  […] Read More »

Quick Preview – Dale talks about “Christmas Surprise 1776  Washington before Trenton”

Dale’s newest release Surprise Christmas Crossing 1776 depicting Washington at Trenton will be available in a few weeks. Here is a video of Dale adding some finishing touches to the painting. It will be released mid November 2023 Read More »

On the set of “A Gettysburg Christmas”

Anne and Dale Gallon with Bo Brinkman on the set of A Gettysburg Christmas These photos were taken during the filming of the movie. Set in Farnworth House garden on the first day of filming. Read More »

Wyatt Tracey & Dale with Wyatt’s portrait that Dale painted in 1985!

Wyatt visited Gettysburg to set up a meeting to meet Dale to share this portrait that Dale painted of Wyatt when he was 11 years old. Read More »

Dale’s Art on Book Covers

Gallon Historical Art has worked with dozens of authors and other creatives who want to use Dale's artwork in their projects. Read More »

5 Gallon Original Oils For Sale

We will be acting as the agent for five Gallon original oil paintings that are currently available for sale. Read More »

Dale Working on “Defense of The Ridge”

Check out this image of him putting the final touches on Defense of the Ridge. Read More »

Dale Meeting Customers

View photos of Dale meeting customers inside and outside of the gallery. Read More »


View various videos featuring Gallon Historical Art. Read More »

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