Gould’s Breakthrough at Petersburg


Petersburg, VA – Early in the morning of April 2, 1865 – Captain Charles Gould of the 5th Vermont Volunteer Infantry is shown valiantly leading the Union attack of the 6th Corps that results in the withdrawal of the Confederate Army at Petersburg.   Gould received the Congressional Medal of Honor for this action on July 30, 1890.

I wanted to paint this scene to honor the bravery of Charles Gould who awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for his bravery at Petersburg.  The success of the Union troops at Petersburg was a pivotal point in the Civil War and Gould’s actions were instrumental in this success.  Gould’s Medal of Honor citation says it all….”Among the first to mount the enemy’s works in the assault, he received a serious bayonet wound in the face, was struck several times with clubbed muskets, but bravely stood his ground, and with his sword killed the man who bayoneted him”.  Vermonters were, and are today, rightly proud of their Native Son.

Release Year: 2019

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