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Gettysburg, PA November 18th, 1863 6PM President Abraham Lincoln arrives at the railroad station for the dedication of the National Cemetery the following day.

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Battle of Ridgefield, CT - Anniversary Images

Dale’s Art on Book Covers

Gallon Historical Art has worked with dozens of authors and other creatives who want to use Dale’s artwork in their projects. Below are some of the books that feature Dale’s work on the cover. If you have a project and would like to use one of Dale’s images, please reach out today.

Last Promise features Brigadier General John Fulton Reynolds entering into a secret engagement with Catherine Mary Hewitt in Philadelphia.

Book writer J. Paul Hickey used Dale’s image on his book The General & The Lady.

Clubs are Trumps depicts Major Edmund Rice leading the 19th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry Regiment.

This piece has been featured on Joe Owen’s Lone Star Valor: Texans of the Blue & Gray at Gettysburg.

“Wigfall’s Wedding Dress” tells the story of Mrs. Louis T. Wigfall giving her wedding dress to be made into a Lone Star Flag for the Regiment.

“Lone Star Flag to the Top” by Scott Bowden uses Dale’s image on its cover.

“Expecting A Battle” shows Major General George G. Meade speaking to Major General Winfield S. Hancock at Meade’s Headquarters.

Author Terry C. Pierce used Expecting A Battle on the cover of his book, Without Warning: The Saga of Gettysburg.

Tomorrow We Must Attack paints the scene when Lt. General Robert E. Lee stated, “If the enemy is there tomorrow, we must attack him.”

Scott Bowden used this Gallon image on his book titled Last Chance for Victory: Robert E. Lee and the Gettysburg Campaign

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